Surema Shal Ashili

Junpart's mage paramour who stabbed Duran in the back


Surema’s father is a Shal retainer in service to Dembrosi Shal Antazos in Sa’iph , her mother minor Shal noblewoman. Surema and her older sister, Sherat both studied with the Politi Order and they both relayed some of their learning to their debt-marked half-sister Erqua.

When it was learned that Maeva would be aboard the Freeman, Surema and her betrothed, a junior cleric, Junpart were tasked to carry out the plan to set up a false lighthouse to cause the ship to wreck . Surema tended to Maeva while they awaited the arrival of Dembrosio himself (as well as Sherat), aboard his own yacht. Erqua joined them.

The PCs, however, arrived the day before Dembrosio, capturing Erqua . Though warned about the PCs arrival when Boeden pulled down the false beacon, Surema and Junpart had little option but to try to survive long enough for Dembrosio to arrive. They failed, and were killed by the PCs in the sea caves .

DM’s Note: Portrait modified, under Creative Commons license, from this photograph

Surema Shal Ashili

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