Finnella Arnaud

Cassick's trouble-making bard sister


5’7”, dark strawberry-blonde hair, blue eyes

Attribute Score Modifier
Strength 11 0
Dexterity 17 3
Constitution 16 3
Intelligence 16 3
Wisdom 11 0
Charisma 18 4
BAB Grapple Initiative Hit Points Speed
+3 +3 +3 38 30
Saves Total
Fortitude +4
Reflex +7
Will +4
AC Armor Dex Mod Defense FF Touch
18 +4 +3 +1 14 16
Melee Attack Damage Crit
+4 (Masterwork Shortsword) 1D6 19-20×2
+3 (Daggers) 1d4 19-20×2
Range Attack Damage Crit
+7 (Masterwork Shortbow) 1D6 x3
+6 (Throwing Daggers – 2) 1d4 19-20×2
Skills Modifier
Appraise +11
Bardic Knowledge +8
Bluff +12
Concentration +11 (+15 combat casting}
Diplomacy +12
Knowledge History +11
Listen +6
Move Silently +7
Perform (string) +10
Perform (sing) +9
Use Magic Device +8

Feats: Skill Focus (perform), Combat Casting, Extra Music

Special Abilities: Bardic music 9/days; Countersong; Fascinate (2 creatures); Inspire Courage +1; Inspire Competence.


Spell Level No./day Known DC
Cantrips 3 6 14
1st 3 4 15
2nd 1 3 16

Cantrips Known: Detect Magic; Ghost Sound Read Magic; Daze; Message; Open/Close.

1st Level Spells Known: Alarm; Charm; Cure Light Wounds; Sleep.

2nd Level Spells Known: Cat’s Grace; Hold Person, Pyrotechnics.

Languages: Common, Shal, Dwerg, Neridi.

Other Possessions:

Masterwork studded leather armor; horse and riding gear; flint and steel; caltrops (x4); 50ft silk rope; tanglefoot bag (x2); thunderstone (x2); hooded lantern and oil (x2); potion of cure light wounds (x2); parchment (x2) and ink; cloak of invisiblity.


Cassick’s sister, Finnella left the East Redding in her early teens to apprentice to a bard’s training hall in the Halveetian League. Since completing her training, Finnella has traveled a great deal throughout the Halveetian League and beyond, returning home to the East Redding only occasionally. Finnella never particularly cared to become involved in the Arnaud family business, and wanted especially to stay out of the back-room conniving that the Arnauds sometimes engage in against one another.

During these years, though distant from the family business, Finnella has kept up with her family primarily through correspondence; indeed, in Week XI of the campaign, Cassick found a letter from Finnella waiting for him at the inn he usually frequents in Tarrish.

That does not mean Finnella has been uninvolved in illegal activity, nor even smuggling. She has fallen in with a loose affiliation of others who flout League tax/import laws. Finnella has recently gone even further, publicly ridiculing one prominent League official, who is now mulling over whether to exact a private revenge on the pretty bard.

The potential threat from that grudge, however, is far outweighed by the possible harm from Finnella’s other anonymous activities: the posting of public notices in the Vind Halls of Tarrish and other League cities recruiting blockade runners to defy League attempts to enforce League tax laws in southern coastal villages. The Vind Hall’s refusal to identify the author of these notices (or similar notices critical of the League) has recently become a source of friction between the Vind and League authorities.

DM’s Note: Portrait adapted, under Creative Commons license, from this photograph

Finnella Arnaud

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