Erqua Ashilim

Sole surviving Antazos "pirate," executed by the League; middlewoman for hiring Dorath Kir


DM’s Note: Portrait modified, pursuant to Creative Commons license, from this photograph


Erqua’s father is a Shal retainer in service to Dembrosi Shal Antazos, her mother a human debt-marked sworn to the household. As a half-human and daughter of an indentured servant, in Sa’iph Erqua was not permitted to formally study magic under the Politi Order , but she learned some spells from her half sisters Sherat and Surema.

When it was learned that Maeva would be aboard the Freeman, Erqua volunteered to accompany Surema and Surema’s betrothed, the Shal cleric Junpart as a member of the party assigned to set up a false lighthouse to cause the ship to wreck and then await the arrival of [[dembrosi | Dembrosio’s]] personal yacht, the Saidah Iamar . The reward offered to her if she helped take Maeva was forgiveness of the debt carried by her mother’s family.

The PCs, however, arrive the day before, capturing Erqua and eventually freeing Maeva from Surema and Junpart in the sea caves .

The PCs turned Erqua over to the civil authorities in Seawell. From there, she was transported to Tarrish and held in a League jail . While in Tarrish, Erqua arranged a contract with Dorath Kir through the Vind Hall . She hoped to gain enough information about the PCs, and where they might have taken Maeva to convince [[dembrosi | Dembrosio]] to exert some influence to save her from execution for her role in the sinking of the Freeman and the other ships that foundered because of the false lighthouse.

Her efforts were in vain, however, and (as Athron from James Laibrook) she was tried and hung in Halveet .

Erqua Ashilim

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