Draedon Narwin the Elder

Boeden's father


The father of Boeden , Ariel and Draedon the Younger , husband to Arene , Draedon the Elder is a respected ship’s builder in Farolan. In his middle age, he fell in love with Arene, then a priestess in service to Einmar, sworn to never step on land lest she lose favor with her goddess. For ten years, their marriage was held only on board, with the occasional night on the docks, the seas water always under them. Three children were born aboard, their earliest days spent with their mother on the waves and amidst the storms. Though he missed his wife and children when they were away, Draedon was always fiercely proud of her service to Einmar.

When Ariel was still an infant, carried on her mother’s back, Arene returned to Farolan and stunned Draedon by stepping ashore – and telling him she would never again board a Jotunn ship, never again call the storms. Many of their friends and relatives laughingly claimed that Arene had decided she could no longer bear to be apart from her husband. Draedon, however, knows the truth behind her choosing, and is deeply glad to have her safely ashore.


DM’s Note: Portrait is a detail from Lorenzo Lotto’s “Portrait of Andrea Odoni.”

Draedon Narwin the Elder

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