Draedon Narwin the Younger

Boeden's brother


The older brother of Boeden and, Ariel , son of Draedon the Elder and Arene , Draedon apprenticed young to the shipbuilders in Farolan and quickly demonstrated a skill for design and craftsmanship. Starting on trading ships of various kinds, Draedon’s greatest skills have proven to be in the design and building of warships, both for Jotunn as well as the smaller-statured humans.

Draedon has recently been invited to spend the six winter months of Farolan in the south, including a visit to the shipyards in Hatham, the capital city of Torei . Of course, given the denials by Arkus’s representatives that the Jotunn yards in Hatham are not building warships, the visit surely would not involve any use of Draedon’s design abilities in that area…

DM’s Note: Portrait is a detail from Lorenzo Lotto’s “Man With a Golden Paw.”

Draedon Narwin the Younger

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