Master shipbuilder at yards in Halveet


Berrin is a Jotunn ship-builder in charge of the Jotunn shipyards in Halveet—perhaps the most influential member of his race outside their home city of Farolan. He left Farolan more than two decades ago to assume command of the Halveet shipyards and to become the Jotunn “ambassador” to the Halveetian League.

Berrin appeared first in Week I—having traveled to Tarrish with Boeden Narwin to await the arrival of the Freeman from Torei he hired the PCs at the Tarrish Vind Hall to go in search of the missing ship.

Berrin also appeared in Week XII when the PCs returned to Halveet in the company of the false Broc, the doppelganger Smannet.

DM’s Note: Portrait is a detail from Tiziano Vicellio’s (or Titian’s) “Portrait of Pietro Aretino.”


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