Arene Narwin

Boeden's mother


The mother of Boeden , Ariel and Draedon the Younger , wife to Draedon the Elder , in her youth Arene served Einmar. For two decades, Arene sailed aboard the Jotunn warships, calling storms and controlling the waves, stepping ashore only upon the Farolan docks where she met and fell in love with Draedon the Elder, a skilled shipbuilder. For the first ten years of their marriage, and even through the birth of their three children, they met only on the docks, or aboard the warships – for any priestess of the Lady of Foam who tarries too long ashore loses her ability to call the Northern Storms.

When her youngest child was but an infant, however, Arene startled everyone who knew her by disembarking at Farolan with all three children to take up permanent residence on land. Only her husband Draedon the Senior knows why she suddenly and willingly relinquished her powers, and why she will never again board a Jotunn ship.


DM’s Note: Portrait is a detail from Alfonse Mucha’s “Maruska.”

Arene Narwin

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