Almar Pialo

Ranger on the western border of Torei and Sa'iph


Almar Pialo is a young Shal ranger, born to rural Shal landholders on the western borders of Sa’iph with Torei. He is one of a small number of Shal huntsmen in the area who serve as the few regular Sa’iph patrols in the area, on the constant watch for any movement by Torein forces in the area.

The PCs met Almar briefly in Week X of the campaign. Almar was patrolling the area with two apprentices when he spotted flashes from the Eye of Hamal and came to investigate. He and his students found the path left by the PCs as they left the ziggurat with Sherat, Toinet and Zachary in their custody. He quickly concluded that although the PCs clearly had Sa’iph Shal held captive, he and his students had no hope of doing anything about it. When Sherat attempted to make her escape that night, he deliberately held silent and instructed his students not to intervene.

After the PCs left Sa’iph lands, Almar reported all that he had seen to the regional authorities.


DM’s Note: Portrait adapted, under Creative Commons license, from this photograph

Almar Pialo

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