Duran's, Breens', Cullen's, Gabria's and Gabran's mother, sister to Chief Lares and Hilia


Alena is a Middle Redding human woman of the Kesten tribe. Alena is the sister to Chief Lares and Hilia, and mother to Duran, Breen, Cullen, and the twins Gabria and Gabran.

Duran killed his cousin, Jubal in a duel over the Kesten girl, Trina. Jubal’s father,Lares was insulted when Duran refused to accept punishment, and his family’s failure to pay the weregild.

As a result, the entire family faced forfeiture of all of their horses and other property. Alena has tried to at least marry off her daughter, Gabria before the forfeiture is final.

DM’s Note: Portrait is a detail from Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres’s “Princess de Broglie.”


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