The Vind

There is no real mechanism for fugitives to be extradited from one jurisdiction to the other. Governments – or even vindictive individuals – will place a bounty on the head of someone they want captured. An organization – the Vind – arose to allow free-lance mercenaries to obtain information about bounties, and then pursue the fugitives and turn them in for the reward. One of the highest outstanding bounties is for Kallin So – placed by Marren Savit, former lord of the now-destroyed Bense, who blames So for the destruction of the city during the war with Vactor Adelu.

Over the centuries, organization expanded the scope of its activities to acting as a middleman between anyone needing mercenary services for any type of work, without any concern over whether the “work” is lawful or not. Anyone can come to the Vind Hall to hire, or to be hired; the employer pays a fee to the Vind. This is the first principle of the Vind Hall: List for hire anyone, by anyone, for anything—no questions asked, anonymity (where desired) guaranteed.

The Vind Hall also acts as a “banking” alternative to League moneyhouses throughout the lands, offering better rates for exchanges and investments than the merchant-led houses. This is the second principle of the Vind Hall: Low cost banking for anyone, regardless of whether they wear silk or burlap.

Both principles have caused more than a little friction for the Vind Halls in League cities. The Vind accept listings for people hiring to assist in smuggling or blockade-running, and refuse to remove the listings or identify the people placing the postings. The Vind Hall also steadily undercuts League exchange rates.

Finally, the League is becoming less inclined to turn its taxing eye away from the fees earned by the Vind Hall for acting as a middleman, or from treasure Vind Hall members recover on hired jobs and then carry overland into League cities. (League customs inspectors at the docks tend to be more strict about examining all cargo brought through the ports.)


The Vind

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