The Story to Date

The Adventure Log consists of two types of entries — the weekly reports and NPC “interludes.” The weekly reports summarize each week’s play from the perspective of the player characters. The interludes give a “behind the scenes” view into what happens elsewhere in the world, some from the perspective of non-player characters who interacted with the player characters, other from NPCs that the PCs have yet to meet (and may never meet, depending on how the plot develops). Keep in mind that the Interludes were often written out of chronological order, and appear out of chronological order in the Adventure Log.

What the Heroes Are Up To

In Which the PCs Become Entangled in the Plot

In Which the PCs Take Some More Things the Big Bad Guy Wants

In Which the Bad Guys Almost Find Maeva

In Which Duran Redeems Himself

What the Heroes Got Up To When Left Unchaperoned

In Which the Heroes Set Their Own Trap, and Take Some Pieces Off the Chessboard

One More Rescue of Maeva, and Then the Heroes Up the Ante (and Make Some New Enemies Along the Way)

In Which the Heroes Decide to Take a Northern Tour and See Some Wildlife

Dire Polar Bears, Giant Wolf Spirits, an Oracle and Pulsating Necrotic Cysts, Oh My!

Meanwhile, Back on the Farm (or What’s Going On Off-Screen…)

What Happened to the Freeman From Maeva’s View

How Sherat Found Her Way to the Ziggurat

How Strahan Brano Passed the Days After the Heroes Returned to Seawell

What James Laibrook Did After His Cover Was Blown

Cassick’s Cousin Crevan Conspires

An Acolyte of Hamal Decides to Become a Cleric

The Theft of a Book Leads to Something Bad

Politicking in the Aihv

The Dog Is Not Really a Dog

A Day in the Life of a Tarrish Vind Hall Clerk

The Heroes, Seen Through the Eyes of Maeva

Sherat, Returned to Civilization

Cassick’s cretinous cousin Crevan conspires some more

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The Story to Date

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