The Halveetian League

The major southern coastal cities (Darilei, Chade, Malisis, Halveet, Soloff, Tarrish, and Visaiyain) and two large human-held islands, Dorsey and Yarrick just off the coast belong to this loose affiliation of merchant states. Chade, Malisis, Halveet and Visaiyain are predominantly Shal and are ruled by wealthy aristocrats. Darilei, Soloff and Tarrish are predominantly human. Each one holds a seat on the High Council, where they typically form a powerful voting block. They exert a virtual stranglehold over the trade with the sea-dwelling Nereidi clans in the southern seas, and attempt to control all trade along and through the coast. Only licensed ships may dock at or embark from League-held ports to carry trade goods between the northern and the southern lands (off the map), and vice versa. Further, no goods can be loaded or unloaded at any docks under League control unless they bear the tax-seals indicating payment of the required tariffs. Many smaller towns and villages along the coast chafe under the taxes imposed by the League. Smuggling is a constant concern, especially in the far east where the unruly city of Helve (once a founding city of the League, and now an outcast) encourages defiance of the tariff system, as well as piracy in the southeastern seas.

Darilei also controls a large area in-land and much of the trade towards the southwest (including the particularly lucrative chocolate trade) – and its elected ruler, the Marche, is probably the single most powerful human-controlled office in the lands. The Marche holds office for ten years, and commands a sizeable armed force, both to enforce League mandates on trade and as a buffer against Seldez.

Regional Feats:

All Members: Cosmopolitan; Education; Mercantile Background; Silver Palm; Smooth Talk; Persuasive

Yarrick/Dorsey: Endurance; Negotiator; Stormheart

Visaiyain/Malisis: Magical Training; Artist

The Halveetian League

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