Sutton and Farolan

Sutton: In the northwest, this city – under the command of a single Shal family, lead by Ellinden So (a member of the High Council) – controls the only mountain pass to the northeast that is usable year-round. As such, it controls a key trade-route to the northeastern seas, to the northern city of Farolan. The So family is one of the oldest Shal clans, and one long and closely allied with the Politi Order, which has trained many members of the family – including Elliden herself, and her son, Kallin.

Regional Feats: Artist; Education; Magic in the Blood; Magical Training; Spell-Casting Prodigy; Spellwise

Farolan is a small city, that spends much of the colder months locked in by ice. During the spring and summer, however, the seas become passable again, allowing the ships to sail again for distant foreign lands. Roughly half the population of Farolan consists of the Jotunn, a race of large humanoid creatures averaging 10 – 12 feet in height.

The Jotunn dwell in homes carved from the sea-cliffs, and are known for their ship-building abilities. It is rare to see any of Jotunn blood in the southern lands; however, small groups of Jotunn have relocated to the League to design and build ships. Within the past five years, a small group has moved to Torei to assist Arkus in constructing and launching that country’s first fleet.

Regional Feats: Dauntless; Endurance; Great Fortitude; Inscribe Rune; Stormheart;Survivor

Sutton and Farolan

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