Character Creation

Players start with guaranteed 15 and 16. The remaining scores are rolled 4d6 five times, dropping the lowest roll each time. Players receive one bonus regional feat at character creation; if you are interested in taking a regional feat that is not listed, please feel free to make your case for why that regional feat would be appropriate for a particular region.

All standard player classes and races are available; “non-standard” character concepts are possible, with prior clearance with the DM. As a general matter, all source books may be used after clearance with the DM. Characters start at 3rd level. In creating your character, be prepared to explain how s/he came to reach 3rd level.

If religion plays an important role in your character’s background, please be prepared to create and explain which avatar(s) are expressed through that deity, how your god/goddess came to be worshipped in, and what role s/he plays in, your community. As a divine spellcaster, you can propose which domains are favored by your deity. A cleric of Hamal has all domains available, though only two may be selected as the character’s favored domains at character creation.

Note: There’s no “coming back from the dead” in this world. Think about an alternate character concept, just in case. <mwahahahaha>

Character Creation

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